Jiangsu TianHonghuaxin Certified Public Accountants


 About Us:


Established in 2000, Jiangsu Tian Hong Hua Xin Public Accounting Firm Co., LTD. is a group enterprise providing intermediary services including public accounting, engineering cost consultancy, assets appraisal and land and real-estate appraisal. It is also one of Jiangsu’s accounting firms that have stronger comprehensive strength.



Service Area:


  Our company’s service area includes cities in Jiangsu Province and places in Anhui, Zhejiang, Xinjiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Henan and Shanghai. And the scope of our business covers various fields such as aviation, ports, communications, municipal ministration, railways, transportation, electric power, water conservancy, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, commerce and trade, science and technology, apparel industry, food industry, administration of justice, real-estate, etc.


Professional Services:



In the course of our growth, four service specialties have been formed, that is, engineering cost consulting, management consulting, judicial accounting and judicial authentication of engineering cost and special audit on projects financed by government.



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5F., No.150 Zhonghua Road
Nanjing City
Jiangsu Province
China 210001
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